Winter 2013 Magazine


Welcome to the Winter 2013 Great Oaks Literary Magazine! This edition
features poems, drawings, and a short story created by sixth graders
through the winter months of January, February, and March. The following students
are featured in this magazine:

Charlise F.           Madiah H.          Abigail M.
Brittania M.            Sierra S.            Zyier S.
Xavian M.             Jadyn B.            Jerry H.
Adriana M.           Davina W.           Amirah W.
Azaleah W.

* * *


>> Click here or on the zombie photo (created by Jerry!)
to read our short story, “Zombies & Ice Cream!”

* * *


>> Read more “Favorite Season” poems!
(featuring Amirah, Madiah, Sierra,
Jerry, and Zyier)

* * *


>> Read more “Black History Month” poems!
(featuring Adriana, Charlise,
and Jerry)

* * *


>> Read more food poems!
(featuring Abigail, Adriana,
Azaleah, Xavian, and Zyier)

* * *


>> Read more “Million Dollars” poems!
(featuring Azaleah, Abigail, Amirah,
Brittania, Davina, and Zyier)

* * *


>> Read more “Miscellaneous” poems!
(featuring Amirah, Jadyn, and Precious)

* * *


>> See all Winter 2013 cover photo submissions!


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