Spring 2013 Magazine


Welcome to the Spring 2013 Great Oaks Literary Magazine! This edition
features poems and drawings created by sixth graders
through the spring months of April, May, and June. The following students
are featured in this magazine:

Shaniyah A.          Aminah G.          Nyderah H.
Samiyah H.             Yusuf B.               Aamore R.
Zamira B.           Luis B.                    Josh L.
KyAsia M.              Kytia W.                 Omar H.

* * *


>> Read more “I’d Rather…” poems!
(featuring Aamore, KyAsia, Aminah, Luis,
Nyderah, Shaniyah, Zamira, and Samiyah)


* * *


>> Read more action poems!
(featuring Josh, Kytia, Luis, 
Omar, Yusuf, and Zamira)

* * *


>> Read more million dollar poems!
(featuring Luis, Akouvi, Shaniyah, 
Kytia, and Samiyah)

* * *


>> Read more animal poems!
(featuring Luis, Nyderah, Josh, Shaniyah, 
Zamira, Omar, and Samiyah)

* * *


>> Read more miscellaneous poems!
(featuring Josh, Shaniyah, Luis, 
Aminah, Nyderah, and Zamira)

* * *


>> Read more restaurant poems!
(featuring Zamira, Josh, Aamore, 
Aminah, Kytia, Luis, Samiyah, and Shaniyah)

* * *


>> See all Spring 2013 cover photo submissions!


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