Winter 2013: Zombies & Ice Cream, a Short Story

During our unit on short stories, our writers joined creative forces and wrote a short story together. Each student contributed a sentence at a time, leading to an absurd (and hilarious!) story with endless twists and turns. In the end, students all helped revise and edit the story, as well as create artwork to enhance the story. Enjoy!

Zombies & Ice Cream

One day, as I stepped into the ice cream store with a cryptic look on my face, something bizarre happened. Little Scrappy, a rapper who was getting a strawberry sundae, was doing jumping jacks and eating ice cream at the same time. He was trying to burn off the calories from his ice cream, so he left to go for a walk.


Suddenly, a window broke and there were moans and groans. Outside the window, the zombie apocalypse started. Little Scrappy got bit by a zombie and started devouring brains as ice cream because that’s how dumb he was.


Then, all of a sudden, one of the workers named Ms. Smith ran to the back of the room, and a zombie gobbled her up. I ran outside in horror and disbelief and called 9-1-1. When I called the police line, it was no longer the police line—it was the zombie hot line.


I hung up the phone and marched to the police station; there was only one surviving cop. I asked him for help and he called the FBI, but they were zombies, too! I was all alone.

The zombies jumped through the window, breaking through it like a rock. I assumed my stealthy ninja pose. However, once I saw the first zombie limp in, I got so petrified I hid under a desk. I saw a tall man stomp in through the back of the police station, and he started to sing “Thriller.” I recognized this tall man as Chris Brown! Next, Rihanna cat-walked in and told him to cut it out and take a bow. He sat there like a puppy.

Suddenly, I realized that my ice cream was on the verge of melting back at the store, so I went back and got it.


On the way, I beat up a hundred zombies. There were brains all over the place. The ice cream was zombie flavored, and the servers kept saying, “You want braaaains?”


I returned to the police station, and as I was on my way to the back, where the desk was, I found Rihanna and Chris Brown dead! All of a sudden, I heard the door of the police station open; a one-eyed man with a black trench coat came in. It turned out that he was a Cyclops. As he marched toward me, I grabbed riptide and used it to destroy the Cyclops. It started to turn to dust and disappear in the light.


When I walked past the closet, I realized that Chris Brown and Rihanna’s bodies were missing. I immediately cried out for help, but the sound that answered was not what I expected. Little Scrappy answered me! “I will save you!”

As I turned around, Little Scrappy had a group of zombies around me. To my surprise, they weren’t even trying to eat me.

“Surprise!” they yelled. “April Fools!”

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